Brief Description About 6 Absolutely Fabulous Personality

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 Brief Description About 6 Absolutely Fabulous Personality

First , Let me tell you Brief Description about 6 Absolutely Fabulous Personality.Read This Article Carefully if have any Extra Information Regarding Absolutely Fabulous Personality mention in the Comment Box.

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU

Absolutely Fabulous Personality - Jawahar lal Nehru

Jawahar lal Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru , The first Prime Minister of Independent India was Born in Allahabad on November 14, 1889. He was the only son of Motilal Nehru and Swarup Rani .

From the age of 15 to 23 , Jawaharlal studied in England at Harrow , Cambridge and The inner Temple . He returned to India in 1912 .

Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India for 17 Years and is called the Architect of Democracy

During His Tenure ,

Nehru worked very hard. Everyday, he turned up , even after dinner at night  his residential office . One by one , the waiting Stenographers would go up to him and take his dictation. He Worked till all the files were over , no matter what the time was . The next Morning the files were on the tables of the various Government officials .

Once , after a Defence Committe meeting of the cabinet , two ministers had just got into the car, when Nehru went running towards them . He said to one of the minister, V.P. Menon, ” Take me to my office , I Don’t want to disturb him .” These Incidences tell us about Nehru’s Punctuality .

Nehru was always on time , neither early nor late . It is said that people who Knew Him often set their watches on seeing him. Nehru passed away in 1964 .

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-DR. BHIMRAO RAM JI AMBEDKAR

Absolutely Fabulous Personality - DR. Bhimrao Ambedkar

DR. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was chiefly responsible for drafting the Constitution of India . He was a champion of Human Rights . Born on the 14th April ,1819 , he himself belonged to a low caste . From an early age, he decided to bring order into Indian Society that was torn and tattered by a rigid caste system .

After Graduating from Elfinstone College , Bombay in 1912, Dr. Ambedkar joined Columbia University, USA, where he was awarded a Ph. D. Later, He joined the London School of Economics and obtained a degree in Economics.

On his return to india in 1923, he founded “Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha” , a council to spread education and improve the economic conditions of the Depressed Classes. Dr. Ambedkar aimed at annihilation of the caste system. He worked for the reconstruction of an orderly Indian society on the basis of equality of Human beings.

In 1927, he led  the march at Mahad, Maharashtra , to establish the Rights of the Untouchables to taste water from the Public Chawdar Lake. In 1930, he Launched the Temple Entry Movement at the Kalaram Temple in Maharashtra.

One of the greatest contributions to Dr. Ambedkar was in respect of Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India. The Fundamental Rights provide for Freedom,  Equality and Abolition of Untouchability . On 14th October , 1956, Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism .He died on 6th December , 1956, having worked all his life to set up strong orderly structure and Foundation for the Indian Society.

He was posthumously Honoured with the highest National Award, ” The BHARAT RATNA” in April 1990 .

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-BARACK OBAMA

Absolutely Fabulous Personality - Obama


Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is the First African American to hold the Office. A native of Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He worked as a Civil Rights Attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the university of Chicago Law School . Obama served 3 terms in the Illinois Senate .In the 2008 General Election, he defeated John McCain and was inaugurated as President on January 20, 2009.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him,’ For Extraordinary Efforts To Strengthen International Diplomacy and  Between People .’

The Norwegian Nobel Committee Announced The award on october 9, 2009, citing Obama’s promotion of Nuclear Non – proliferation and a New climate in International relations Fostered by Obama , Especially in reaching out to the Muslim World .

Barack Obama is The fourth U.S. President to awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, after Theodore Roosevelt (1906) ,Woodrow Wilson ( 1919) and Jimmy Carter( 2002).

On receiving the award , the Donated the entire 10 million Swedish Kronor, about $1.4 million to Charity

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-MILKHA SINGH

Absolutely Fabulous Personality - Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh was Born at Layallpur , Pakistan, on October 8, 1935. He can be described as one of the most extraordinary Athletes of all times. This is not only because of his great athletic ability but also , as he was a product of a time , when no facilities existed , no coaching was available , no rewards were offered and no Job was secured. Yet, armed with an iron will and Showing endurance like no other , Milkha Singh carved his own Future.

Milkha singh lost his parents in the turmoil of partition . At that Time , to save his life he hid among the Corpses in the train that was carrying his family to India. He survived this horrified experience with tremendous endurance and courage and rose to become one of India’s greatest Athletes , earning the sobriquet ” THE FLYING SIKH”

Milkha Singh shot into Limelight during the National Games at Patiala in 1956.He held the national titles in the 100 m, the 200 m, and the 400 m, from 1957-61. In the 1958 Asian Games, he won gold in both the 200 m and the 400 m. He won the 400 m gold in the 1962 Asian Games, as well.

Milkha singh would forever be remembered for the 400 m Olympics race he ran in Rome, barefoot. He lost the bronze medal by a heart- breaking 0.1 second. His timing of 45.6 seconds was also a national record for 38 years.

Later , he was appointed Director of Sports in Punjab.

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-LEONARDO DA VINCI

Fabulous Personality - Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest inventor – scientists in history.

He dedicated his life to the Discovery of truth and the mysteries of nature. His insightful contributions to science and technology are legendary.

Leonardo Helped set an ignorant and superstitious world on a course of reason , science , learning and Tolerance. He was an Internationally renowned inventor, Scientist , Engineer, Architect , Painter , Sculptor, Musician , Mathematician , Anatomist , Astronomer, Geologist ,Biologist and Philosopher of his time.

Born in 1452, as son of Ser Piero da Vinci , Leonardo was sent to Florence when he was a teenager, to apprentice as a painter under Andrea del Verrocchio. At Florence, He quickly developed his own artistic style . Later, Da Vinci became the court artist for the Duke of Milan.

Throughout his life , Leonardo da Vinci Served various other roles, including those of civil engineer , architect , military planner and weapon designer.

Leonardo’s creative inventiveness is yet to be matched by anyone.

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Absolutely Fabulous Personality-G.R. GOPINATH

Fabulous Personality - G.R. Gopinath

G.R. Gopinath

Captain G.R. Gopinath was the Managing Director of Air Deccan. He is a graduate of the national Defence Academy and has served the Indian Army.

Gopinath is Considered the “ FATHER OF LAW COST AIR TRAVEL” in India. He created a whole new market when he launched India’s First low cost airline – Air Deccan.

Captain G.R. Gopinath was born in a remote village of Gorur in Karnataka. Starting his studies in a village School, he completed his further schooling at a military school. Thereafter, he joined the National Defence Academy and later graduated from the Indian Miliary Academy as a commissioned officer in the Indian Army. He then went an to serve the Army for 8 years .

Sometimes in 1996, along with an old army friend, he started a private Sector Commercial Helicopter service.

Then having used his thriftiness, he started the first , low -cost-no-frills, airline of India. Launched on August 25 , 2003 , the economy tickets of Air Deccan Revolutionised air travel in India. Capt. Gopinath cut down on all unnecessary expenditure and Brought the price of air Ticket down 500 rs. He took up the challenge of enabling every Indian to fly.

captain G.R. Gopinath has received the Chevalier da la legiond ( Knight of the Legion of Honour )Award from the French Government .

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