Music psychology Facts!! Connection Between music & Emotions??

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Music psychology Facts!! Connection Between music & Emotions??

Let us First Understand through this Article i.e.   😈 Music psychology Facts!! Connection Between music & Emotions??…

Everyone loves to listen Music from the inner Souls. Music Have Great Positive impact on the Individuals Heart  , Brain and on Human Psychology .

Let Understand with me Music Psychology Facts !! Connection Between Music and Emotions

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You Have any Idea Regarding ….

Music Psychology -How music affects human psychology??

Music is a Piece of Art that Goes in the Ears Straight to the Heart.

Music psychology facts !! Connection Between music & Emotions??

Listening to music while working
helps to create a positive mood
and helps you to
become more Productive.

  • Talented Male Musicians can Impress Girls Easily .
  • Music Lovers Have Better Long Term Memory.
  • Study Found That Those who’re in Music can Learn New Languages more Easily. ( Source )
  • Listening to Music While Running helps You Run Faster & Get a better Workout in at the Gym .It can increase energy by as much as 15%,
  • Those People who Listen listen to Music are Less Prone to Hearing Disabilities. ( Source)
  • Background music causes distraction among young-novice drivers ( Source)

  • Academic Performance Increases with increased interest in music.
  • Musicians have better Developed Spatio-temporal Faculties.
  • Music Can help Reduce Chronic Pain by more than 20% & can alleviate depression by up to 25% & Inceases the oxygen Flow to your Lungs & Helps you have better Posture.

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Music Psychology Facts!!Connection Between music & Emotions??

Music can Change the World Because it can Change the World .


Music psychology Facts!! Connection Between music & Emotions??

Music Psychology-Music is one of the only Activities that activates and Stimulates the entire Brain.e

  • Listening to music causes the brain to Release Dopamine(Good Feel Hormone),the same Chemical Responsible for the Pleasures of the Food ,Drugs and Sex.a

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  • People who Listen more then one genre of music tend to be : Smarter , more Creative, open minded ,Honest .
  • While Listening to music ,Your Brain Receives enough mental Exercise to Reduce the Risk of Mental Disorder & Brain Disease.
  • Music not only Changes your Mood but it also changes the way we think & our perception of the World.b
  • Listening to 5-10 songs a day can Improve Memory ,Strengthen immune System and Reduce Depression Risk By 80%

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Music Psychology

Music Expresses that which cannot be put in Words & that which cannot remain Silent.

-Victor Hugo

  • Music psychology Facts !! Connection Between music & Emotions??

    Music psychology-Playing an Instrument can increase your I.Q. by up to 5 Points.

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  • Practicing a Musical Instrument also Enhances Fine motor skills , Cognitive skills and Verbel Skills too.f
  • Men and Women who listen more music tend to be Better Communicators and Even have Longer Lasting Relationships.

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  • The music a Person hears in childhood may affect the person’s musical preferences as an Adult.
  • People are more likely to focus and pay Attention when Soft Music is Playing in the Background.
  • Heart Beat: Music May Help Keep Your Cardiovascular System in Tune,Which Type of Music best Reduces Blood Pressures after a Stressful event. Listening to pop or Jazz music had the same Restorative effect as total Silence.Those who listened to Pachelbel and Vivaldi Relaxed much more Quickly.c

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