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  • Sandford Fleming (January 7, 1827- July 22, 1915)

World wide Standard Time was Proposed/Invented by Passionate Scottish Canadian Railway Engineer and Inventor Sir Sandford Fleming in 1878 also called “FATHER OF World Wide Standard Time Zones” .

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  • Sir Sandford

  • Sandford fleming

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Fleming was an absolute Canadian “hero” and an Railway engineer of extraordinary proportions.

Sir Sandford Fleming was born in January 7, 1827, at Kircaldy, fife, Scotland, where he studied engineering and surveying. At the age of 17 0r 18 emigrated to Canada West with his older brother david in 1845 and become a qualified Railway engineer for the Canadian Public Railway.Stanford  was prominent among the group of young scientists and founded the Royal Canadian Institute in Toronto in 1849 .he undertook surveyors,Architect or road projects, and several early town plans between Hamilton and Peterborough. Fleming proposed worldwide standard time zones 1878, and also designed Canada’s first postage stamp ,the three penny beaver, in 1851. Sir Sandford married in 1855 to Ann Jean Hall of Peterborough marked the end of the period of his adjustment to Canadian and the beginning of his distinguished career as a Railway Engineer.The couple  had 8 children.Fleming passed away in july 1915 at the age of 88.

Sandford fleming-Facts You should Know 

  • When Sir Sandford Designed Canada’s First Stamp He Defined the Government by putting a beaver on it.In addition to his scientific work, sandford was also an keen artist .He was charged with designing canada’s first stamp in 1851.It became known as the “3 penny beaver”The Beaver was the central image of the stamp.

  • He was the Chief Engineer of the Railway that linked canada’s Atlantic and Pacific Coasts

After becoming based in peterborough , Ontario ,in 1852 Sanford Fleming became invovled with Ontario, SIMCOE and HURON union Railroad.

  • 10 years ago, he Presented a plan to build a Pacific Railway. As a Result , The Canadian Government appointed him as a Head Engineer for Project.

  • Fleming’s wife Died Unexpectedly on a Family Trip to France.

  • At the Time Of Her Death , Fleming was still the Chancellor of Queen’s college in Ontario.

  • The Beautiful Park named For Fleming in Nova Scotia has Become a Heaven .The Attraction of the Park is the Dingle Tower which was built in 1912. For More Information Guys Please Watch the Above Video.

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January 7th 2017 Google  celebrated Standford Fleming’s 190th Anniversary/birthday with a Google Doodle.

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