Country vs Country Club: Which Spirit Week Style to Choose?

When brainstorming fun themes for your school’s Spirit Week, two classic dress-up day ideas often come up – Country vs Country Club Styles. While they sound similar, the styling conveys vastly different vibes.

Should students go all-out cowboy or channel their inner prep? This guide compares country vs country club aesthetics to help event planners select the best fit for their academic community.

Country Day Style

A country day taps into downhome ranch motifs. Expect students to rock cowboy hats, boots, flannel prints, denim everything, and big belt buckle bling. Gearheads may even drive tractors to school!

Country playlists filled with folk, bluegrass, and western hits like Johnny Cash keep the energy festive all day long. Consider hosting an afternoon hoe-down dance party.

Western Wear Shopping Tips

Stock up on key country duds like:

  • Cowboy boots: The iconic footwear comes with stacks of heights and decorative stitching.
  • Bandanas: Useful around necks, hats, or visible back pockets. Go for vibrant colors or prints over dull hues.
  • Denim: Essential for corralling the country spirit, whether cutoffs, jackets, or full jeans and overalls.
  • Plaid tops: Comb thrift stores for these budget button-downs. Styles with snapped pearls are extra desirable.

Rummage in parents’ closets, too, for vintage finds or pieces lending authentic character.

Above all, dress for fun over perfection! Paint temporary bolo ties with art classes if you’re strapped for garments.

Country Vibes Decor Inspo

Bring school halls to life with:

  • Hay bale seating for chillin’ with pals
  • Bandana banners & bunting stretched wall-to-wall
  • Mason jar centerpieces bearing wildflowers
  • Picnic table photo stations with farm props

You can’t go wrong with touches evoking the laidback countryside lifestyle all around.

Country Club Style

This preppy theme swaps dusty fields for plush golf resorts, with students stepping out in polished pastels and tennis whites.

Blazers, ties, headbands, argyle prints, capris, and other refined attire set the privileged country club mood as classical piano elevates affairs. Host a croquet tournament on the front lawns!

Refined Pieces to Procure

Build classy campus looks with:

  • Polo shirts: High collars popped à la 80s teens flush the country club vibe.
  • Cable knits/light cardigans: Layer refined knits over crisp Oxford button-downs.
  • Pleated shorts/skirts: Essential for the courts, paired with knee socks. Whites are absolutely allowed after Labor Day.
  • Blazers: Optional but dashing touches for the most serious aesthetics.

Raid parents’ closets for vintage tennis racquets, sweaters draped over shoulders, or other symbols of a leisure-class lifestyle too!

Elegant Event Decor Cues

Go for croquet mallets, ivy garlands, and other regal decor, like:

  • Floral flower wall backdrops for dreamy photos
  • Mini golf course scattered around campus
  • Iced teas in skewed glasses with cucumber sandwiches
  • Giant chess boards for flash chess matches

Nail the fine country club balance between genteel garden party and WASP-y privilege.

Country vs Country Club: Gender Choices

When selecting a fun country vs country club theme for Spirit Week, consider what traditional outfits work best for all genders at your school based on seasonal conditions.

Country Style

Country Guys can rock cowboy boots, jeans, flannel shirts, western jackets, and cowboy hats or ballcaps for a rugged ranch vibe. Paint temporary bolo tie accessories in art class too!

Country Girls have endless options, mixing crop tops or off-the-shoulder peasant blouses with Daisy Duke cutoffs or flowing prairie skirts. Complete outfits with braided hair, cowboy boots, and hats for shade on sunny days.

Since country dress codes are relaxed, most pieces translate across genders—just tailor them to your personal style!

If the weather turns cold, layer long-sleeved western shirts and vests over graphic tees with knit scarves and beanies to keep cozy.

Country Club Style

Country club guys call upon polos, pullover sweaters, khakis, loafers, ties, and even blazers to channel Ivy League university students. Tennis shoes are also always appropriate for athletic activity.

Girls can showcase school spirit on chilly days via cable knit sweaters with skirts/shorts or elegant sundresses with cardigans when it’s warm. Bright pastel colors, pearl necklaces, and headbands polish any prep ensemble.

Forget early fall conditions; pack a collared rain jacket to keep sophisticated without sacrificing dryness trudging between classes.

Umbrellas also lend functional country club class. Just avoid heavy ponchos that obscure spirit attire.

Final Thoughts on Country vs Country Club

Both playful dress-up days- country vs country club themes—set distinct tones from music to menus to attire. Rustic ranch motifs contrast with refined resort aesthetics. Organizers should also consider student demographics, location, and resources when selecting the best direction. Smaller budgets find the country friendlier with its emphasis on casual fun and thrifted threads versus couture pieces. And colleges out West may appreciate the country representing regional culture.

But for many, the ultimate Spirit Week incorporates both! Host Country Day first, followed by Country Club Day for flair-showing range. Just avoid murky “Country Club Cowboy” hybrids diluting each concept. Pick lanes and own your choice fully to rally community excitement all week long.


What are some country club games to organize?

Beyond mini golf and croquet, incorporate elite activities like badminton, bocce ball, horseshoes, bean bag toss, balloon tennis with pool noodles for rackets, or tricycle relays. Adapt the rules for fun over competition!

What country line dances can students learn?
Cotton-Eyed Joe, 2-Step, Cowboy Cha Cha, and other beginner line dances spark major country dance party fun. Many how-to YouTube videos exist to teach steps.

What food works for a country club day?
Think dainty finger foods—tea sandwiches, crostinis with fig jam, cucumber mint water, mini quiches overall—conveying privileged refinement.