How to Start a Music Collection Page on Bandcamp: Step by Step Guide

Starting a music collection page on Bandcamp can help you share your musical tastes and discoveries with others. Bandcamp makes it easy to create a profile and start curating music into custom collections. This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about how to start a music collection page on Bandcamp. From setting up your profile to adding releases and organizing collections. Read on to become a Bandcamp collection curator.

Set Up Your Bandcamp Profile

Once registered, personalize your profile by adding a profile photo, cover photo, and short bio, letting visitors know about your music tastes. This gives followers context about your collections.

Start Building Music Collections

You can’t talk about how to start a music collection page on Bandcamp without mentioning the building process. A key feature in Bandcamp is creating collections which are custom groups of releases you want to highlight. Click “+ New Collection” on your profile to begin curating.

Give your first collection a descriptive name, like “Best of 2023 Indie Folk” or “Essential 90s Hip Hop.” You’ll create multiple collections, so clear names help visitors browse easily.

Search for Releases to Add

Now the fun begins! Search Bandcamp to discover releases for your collections. Use Bandcamp’s search bar or browse by genre or subgenre.

Listen before adding an album or track to ensure it fits the vibe you want for that collection. Quality over quantity when curating music!

Once you find something great, click “add to collection” to file it in the right group. Add releases consistently to establish collections.

Organize Your Profile Sections

For high-traffic profiles, organize your page into sections so fans can jump straight into different musical tastes.

Under “Custom Sections” in profile settings, make sections named after your biggest collections, like “Dream Pop Gems” and “Old School Hip Hop Jams.” Add album cover grids for those collections to showcase at the top of your profile.

Add a “Latest Additions” section to show the newest additions across collections all in one place for visitors.

Sections allow you to subdivide and structure your ever-growing music catalog. Use them to put your best collections forward on your profile.

Optimize Collections with Custom Artwork

Curate cover art for collections to convey visual themes around genres/moods. This draws more listeners to click in.

In collection settings, toggle “Custom Collection Image” on. Upload an eye-catching photo or album cover that suits that music style.

A stunning cityscape, candid band photo, or retro graphic helps collections stand out on your profile. Repeat for all major collections.

Share Widely & Engage Followers

Once your profile has collections filled out, spread the word! Share it on social media and messaging apps to start building a loyal following.

Follow and actively chat with visitors who engage your collections. Bonding over favorite music builds community. Consider collaborating with profiles curating similar sounds.

As you keep discovering music, drop into previous collections to slide in exciting new additions and keep followers coming back.

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Conclusion on How to Start a Music Collection Page on Bandcamp

Launching and growing a Bandcamp collection profile takes time but pays off for music lovers serious about sharing discoveries. Start small with your first few collections based on core tastes then expand.

Use sections and artwork to spotlight stellar collections upfront on your page. Consistently engage followers and keep expanding your music catalog for the best results. Happy collecting!


Can I monetize my Bandcamp music collections?

Unfortunately, Bandcamp does not allow curators to earn money directly from collections at this time. However, you can list an outside funding source like Patreon for dedicated fans to support your curation work.

What file formats does Bandcamp support adding to collections?

You can add all file formats hosted on Bandcamp – typically MP3, FLAC, and ALACLossless audio. Simply search on Bandcamp then add releases to collections with one click.

How many releases can I add to a single collection?

There is no limit to the number of releases your collections can hold. Some top curators have collections with 500+ albums as they continually discover and add new music over time.