The 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo

As an international hub fusing modern cityscapes with rich cultural scenery, Japan’s capital delights traveling photographers around every corner. But with so many districts and landmarks to explore, where should shutterbugs prioritize to best snap Tokyo’s Instagram-worthy sides? This guide showcases the 8 best places to take pictures in Tokyo, promising picturesque city vibrance, gardens, skylines, and street scenes to impress followers back home. Read on for the ultimate Tokyo photo ops spanning Shibuya to Asakusa Temple.

1. Tokyo Skytree and Solamachi Plaza

Soaring nearly double the height of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the alien-inspired Tokyo Skytree Tower gifts birds-eye panoramas from 450+ meters up along with downward views photographing the entire glittering city.

The afternoon golden hour catches cool cloud shadows, with Mt. Fuji visibly framing the distant horizon on clear days too. Don’t miss the connected Solamachi plaza, whose candy-colored sculpture spiral leading inside makes for playful foreground interest.

2. Shibuya Crossing

Join hordes of pedestrians flocking Shibuya’s legendary Scramble Crossing, spotlighted by blockbuster films and photo spreads for its sheer spectacle factor, watching masses intersect in typhoon-eye style.

Stake out the upper floors of three-story Starbucks, Magnet by Shibuya109, or nearby Konnoh Hachimangu shrine for classic views facing the coordinated visual chaos as walk signals cycle. Time lapses impress here.

3. Imperial Palace East Gardens

For a rare escape from bustling Tokyo streets, the oasis-like Imperial Palace East Gardens offers regal landscapes maintained for centuries. Spring sees blossoming cherry trees framed by stone walls and architecture dating to feudal eras that make for transportive photography sets recalling Kyoto.

Small entry fees grant access to meticulously manicured lawns and innersanctum bridges, ideal for senior photo shoots or creative portraits harnessing natural light. Don’t miss the Nakajima no Ochaya teahouse on the palace’s eastern edge.

4. Ginza District

Gleaming as a futuristic Tokyo envisioned decades ago, the ritzy Ginza neighborhood sets neon-lit cityscapes glowing from each avenue. Shoot long-exposure night photography highlighting vibrant signboards reflecting off rain-slicked streets.

By daylight, Ginza’s pristine boulevards juxtapose global flagship stores against cozy cafes primed for fashion photography. Dress to impress while window shopping via charming Nakamisedori lanes as well.

5. Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Filtering out modernity under the gaze of Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, snapping Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple plaza transports scenes straight from Edo Period Japan thanks to venerable architecture and small shops that have operated unchanged for nearly a century in this sacred enclave.

Capture fortune tellers, craft stalls, and girls dressed as ancient Geishas against weathered five-story pagoda backdrops following rituals of ages past still honored today.

6. Meiji Jingu Inner Garden

Inner tranquility resumes walking through tall cedar groves, entering Meiji Jingu’s central landscape garden 秒速赛车技巧 assembled in the early 1900s, honoring nature-loving emperor Meiji and his wife Shōken.

This spiritual oasis, styled on ancient principles of balance and harmony, stages maple leaf tunnels, contemplative altars, ornate bridleways, and blooming irises from traditional plantings timed for peak color. Professional pre-wedding photo shoots flock here.

7. Shinjuku at Twilight

As corporate towers blink on, ascending to viewpoint bars capturing Shinjuku’s staggering scale inspires with sheer urban energy radiating outward as rail lines weave beneath, emerging in every direction.

Head high inside Park Hyatt’s 52nd-floor New York Grill at dusk for panoramas facing westward, glimpsing Mt Fuji too. Images overwrite any preconceptions about the largest metropolis on Earth.

8. Takeshita Street Harajuku

For youth culture hotspot color, Takeshita Street in ever-kaleidoscopic Harajuku overflows with subjects from alternative fashion darlings to cute creative desserts almost too imaginative to eat.

Photograph pastel crepe stands, doll-like-style tribes shopping Device Boutique’s eight unique floors, graffiti/streetwear, and the best people watching on Earth seven days weekly. Sensory overload is guaranteed.

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Final Thoughts on the 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo

Photogenic intrigue lurks absolutely everywhere if you’re seeing Tokyo through creative viewfinders. But these eight featured districts photograph quintessential discoveries, from peaceful gardens to glistening towers that best document Japan’s diverse capital for virtual albums back home.

Just be sure to head out early because there’s always another extraordinary sight awaiting around the corner in the city that never stops.


What are the best seasons for photography in Tokyo?
Expect peak travel seasons during cherry blossom viewings from late March through April and again mid-November when fall foliage radiates. But creative crowds and camera opportunities prove evergreen year-round.

Do all locations allow commercial photography?
Some municipal properties managed by local wards prohibit outright commercial shooting without permits, such as Roppongi Hills. Check guidelines to avoid issues selling prints featuring public architecture or gardens prominently.

Can you use drones for aerial photography?
Outside select commercial licensing, quadcopters and drones remain largely banned across Tokyo due to privacy/safety concerns and low-flying aircraft. A few helicopter tour services might capture etherial cityscapes instead.