What to look out for when checking through marriage agency reviews

As a cautionary tale on choosing the wrong marriage agency Jane shared her experience on this topic. When Jane was nearing 40 with no relationship prospects, she decided to sign up with an international marriage agency. She read up on some positive marriage agency review online about “ABC Romance,” (name withheld) joined enthusiastically, and was soon matched with an eligible man named John living overseas. Jane excitedly exchanged messages and calls with John, who said all the right things and made promises of a wonderful life together.

After two months and $3,000 in agency fees from Jane, “John” stopped all communication and disappeared, leaving Jane feeling used, foolish, and desperate. It turns out ABC Romance isn’t very selective regarding its male members, and a few bad apples can spoil the bunch. If only Jane had known what red flags to look out for in those marriage agency reviews!

Double Check Credentials and Complaint Records

When checking out marriage agency review sites for a company you’re considering, you want to look out for reports of unscrupulous or fraudulent behavior. For example, members complaining they got taken advantage of financially with little benefit or success connecting with legitimate, relationship-minded matches.

Agencies with multiple recent complaints should raise a red flag to proceed with caution or consider another service instead. According to the FTC, only 37% of reported fraud victims get money back, so it pays to thoroughly vet any dating or marriage agency first.

Investigate Company Screening and Matchmaking Practices

Responsible marriage agencies invest significant effort vetting their membership to ensure quality candidates for their clients. One marriage agency review study found that over 75% of users value detailed screening procedures like criminal background checks and verification of marital status.

You’ll want to check reviews and company websites for specifics on their membership screening process before signing up. If they promise you’ll be matched with “all high-quality candidates”, but have little selectivity regarding who can join, that’s a dubious claim. For your protection, look for in-depth vetting procedures on both male and female members.

Check the Marriage Agency Review and Confirm Ongoing Support is Available

According to marriage agency reviews, insufficient post-matching support is a common complaint among dissatisfied customers. After the initial enthusiasm wears off, relationship challenges emerge so ongoing guidance is vital.

Reviews may cite things like a lack of translator assistance, poor advice for cross-cultural relationships, and little help avoiding misunderstandings that sink a budding romance. Before committing, confirm what support offerings are included, like professional counseling, crisis management, visa/immigration aid, etc. The success or failure of your match can hinge on this.

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Marriage Agencies Can Work, But Heed the Warnings

Marriage agencies can indeed facilitate deeply fulfilling relationships, even across borders and cultures. However, not all services are created equal, so it’s imperative to thoroughly screen any company using resources like marriage agency review sites. Pay attention to warning signs in reviews related to dishonest business practices, lack of selectivity, or minimal support. Taking these prudent steps can help you avoid disappointment and position you for romantic success as you embark on your international dating journey!

Now that you know what pitfalls to watch out for, we wish you the very best in finding your soulmate match!